Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Co-Washing Elucidated

As a girl with frizz-prone hair I can be your bestie in terms of understanding hair woes.
Pollution, Humidity and Undernourishment are the 3 basic causes of beggar-looking hair, trust me, I know!
So usually what one does when their head is a mess is go and chop off ends or at least get a spa done.
I can't chop off cause I'm trying to get rid of my layers for even levelled hair, and as far as getting a Hair Spa goes: it never works out for me!
As I flipped through the amazingly edited pages of Vogue January I came across the definition of Co-washing. Not that I hadn't heard of it before or seen pins on Pinterest, but whatever comes printed under Vogue gets into my head faster than any other source of information.

What is Co-washing?
Basically, It's just replacing your shampoo+conditioner routine, for one day, with just conditioner: Easy Peasy! 
Amount of product: How much ever you want...not a coin-size and those measurements that apply when using conditioner after shampooing.
Frequency: even regularly would do but I prefer once a week.
Products: Any conditioner works, there are special co-washing conditioners. I use a normal conditioner. I used Sunsilk Strong and Abundant this morning and I have tried the Satinique hair masque and conditioner too...they're pretty much the same! I'm almost over on the masque.

Fabulous Advantages:

1. Clean: 
Using shampoo gives squeaky-clean hair which may not be good enough for Styling, even if not styling, squeaky clean hair is not good as it dries your hair out stripping natural oils.

2. Natural Oils: 
Co-washing once a week or more according to your hair type helps you maintain proper natural oils.So, hair won't be too greasy or too dry!

3. Knots: 
Conditioner being our blissful angel in detangling hair, co-washing keeps knots away for longer!

4. Frizz: 
Frizz is controlled as co-washing gives ultimate hydration so the hair won't have the electric-shock look issue.

5. Shape: 
Curls <3 I really don't know if it's just me but whenever I use hair masques or home spas or anything at all that hydrates my hair more than usual, I develop amazing curls! Parlour spa gives me straight hair and anything at home gives me curly-wavy hair ( weird!) 

Additional Care:
  • One very good habit I have inculcated into my hair-care routine is Oiling, every alternate wash I oil my hair 2 hours prior with L'oreal Extraordinary Oil or just any hair oil I get my hands on. I love how my hair becomes stronger with just one little step!
  • No tight ties, I have stopped tying my hair into tight high pony tails...just braids or loose ties. I hate how the shape of my hair gets ruined PLUS it pulls on the roots making hair weak...complete no-no!

  • Zero Styling. I love natural hair. No colouring or straightening or curling! I hate it all! I once read this amazing article by byrdie about french women and their lovely hair <3 and It's just what I have believed in since my mom stopped taking care of my hair. The more natural you are the prettier you are and the more time you spend developing your personality rather than physical looks! I do curl every now and then for occasions but I don't curl all my hair!
  • Lastly: do not stress over your hair more than necessary...apply oil overnight, wash in the morning and braid it to college if it's too damaged and wait until your next scheduled parlour appointments. Stay away from heat and chemicals and your hair will love you for it <3

Co-wash and tell me your experience :D 
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I'm so sorry for not posting since such a long long time, I have been spending some time with my dad...I'll catch up with you guys :*