Friday, January 23, 2015

A Little Me & A Little Them

A Little Me
Hie there, I have to admit that I prefer skirts over pants any day of the week.
Why did it occur to me right now? Apparently when I was rearranging my wardrobe this morning I had to make an entirely new section for my skirts, and that got me curious as to why I own so many! I counted: 9. I know, not a great number, but this is just the number of skirts I like! I actually own 14, 5 of which I don't like so much but don't want to get rid of...sigh...
I'd love to showcase my collection, but, wouldn't you appreciate it if I showed you how I paired each one of them? Here's one from Forever 21.It's Floral White Net which is just the right length and flare...cost me only Inr 600 on Sale! I paired it up with another Forever21 for a less sophisticated and laid-back look...

I wore it like this too if you remember my Dubai posts on the blog and Instagram ^^

I'll upload more looks on my instagram as well as the blog, keep posted :*

A Little Them
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Riri wins over Topshop, again!
The top that created justified controversy.

Chanel daytime makeup video by Monika Blunder
Source: Byrdie
Gucci's new Creative Chief : Alessandro Mitchele
Source: The Wall Street Journal